Redemption Cult

Redemptionist beliefs are based on the Imperial Creed, which holds that mankind is ruled and guided by the Emperor. While the Imperial Creed has definite militant overtones, the Redemption has taken it one stage further.

The Cult originated in the violent Underhives of Necromunda, where the original Redemptionists saw the lives of toil of the hive inhabitants, the unreachable luxury of the nobles and the violent anarchy of the Underhive and concluded that they were in a living hell.

The Redemption believes that the only way to achieve redemption for themselves and ultimately mankind, is to cleanse it of its sinfulness. For Man to be saved it must be purged of sin. Their methods of redemption are highly violent, its members sworn to expunge all sin with fire and blade. Unlike most extreme Imperial sects, Redemptionists do not limit their hatred and violent purges to just mutants, psykers or aliens, they see sin in every creature, which along with the sinner, must be destroyed through bloodshed and fire.

The Redemptionist belief focuses on three sins in particular:

-Being a Psyker
-Heresy (the definition of which includes denying the truth of the Redemption, or working against Redemptionists)

The Cult’s prophets foretell the end of the Universe through universal destruction, and their creeds are apocalyptic and unforgiving.

The Redemption demands a strict code of conduct from its followers. The creed prohibits the consumption of alcohol or narcotic substances, as well as requiring daily self-flagellation and holy prayer to remain pure. Those who break the rules are driven away and become outcasts.

Redemption Cult

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