Prospera is the capital city of Arcadia and the site of its spaceport and therefore all off world transport, trade and communication.

The city is largely square-ish and divided up into several distinct zones:

-The Spaceport
-The Foreign Quarter, where off-worlders and low ranking Imperial Personnel generally stay
-The Glow, the colloquial name for the local slum district
-The Faith Quarter, where residents of all types gather to receive the Emperor’s manifold blessings
-The Noble Quarter, where the rich live and play, and where the seat of government and the Imperial Palace is located
-The Commercial Quarter, where the majority of all local commerce takes place. Includes an “undermarket” for locals and the less well off.
-Sweetrun, the colloquial name for Arcadia’s Industrial district. The majority of the city’s industry is confined to this district.
-The PDF Barracks, home to the vast majority of PDF forces in the city. Contains training yards, drill squares and equipment storage too.


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