Adeptus Arbites


The Adeptus Arbites are the police force of the Adeptus Terra, devoted to enforcing Imperial law throughout the entire Imperium.

Utterly dedicated and without mercy, the Arbites are feared throughout the galaxy, for they are the agents of a harsh law, where failure and incompetence are crimes, and the only punishment is death. Arbites are empowered to act as judge, jury and executioner – citizens have no rights, and only members of the Priesthood of Terra or the Inquisition could claim anything so elaborate as a trial.

The Adeptus Arbites maintains a presence on almost every Imperial world, headquartered in fortified precinct courthouses. The courthouses are equipped to be self-sufficient and to support a complete Arbites army. They consist of armouries, dungeons, barracks, firing ranges, scriptories, archives, warehouses, kitchens, gymnasia and garages. Courthouses are sometimes a world’s only connection with the rest of the Imperium.

On Arcadia:

On Arcadia Arbites houses are divided up by which quarter of the city they are responsible for, operating semi-independently from each other.

Cell Septima were warned in their briefing that it is unclear to what extent local authority has been compromised and to consider it suspect unless proven otherwise.

Foreign Quarter

The house that Cell Septima has had the most contact with, home station of Nero Wabri.

First made contact with Cell Septima after intervening to stop the Hanger Shootout

Currently: Providing support to Cell Septima in their ongoing investigations into the bombings and Brightglow killings

Noble Quarter

House investigating the disappearances of several key imperial personnel.

Running costs subsidised by generous, regular donations from the Van Cher family.

Currently: Providing support to Sister Katriel’s investigation of the disappearances.

Glow and Faith Quarters

Utterly destroyed with all local personnel and equipment present at the time. As part of the bombings.

Commercial and Industrial Quarters

No significant contact so far.

Adeptus Arbites

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